Ways an Insecure Leader is Different than a Secure One

Ways an Insecure Leader is Different than a Secure One

Being under a leader that is insecure and secure are two entirely different experiences. If you’ve ever had a leader that is secure, it can be tough to be under a leader that is insecure. Most of the time, leaders that are insecure are leaders that have not been in a leadership role for too long or a leader that is not secure in what they know about the field or their new role. Below are some differences to watch out for when you are dealing with an insecure leader and a secure leader.

1. Delegation

The first thing that you’ll notice is different is that a secure leader will delegate tasks for the results and will give you the flexibility to make it your own. An insecure leader will delegate the methods in order to achieve the desired results. They will typically not be flexible and give you the chance to prove yourself.

2. The Decision Making

When you are working with a secure leader, they will be completely empowered to make a decision and know that it will be fine. If you are working under an insecure leader, they will disengage from the empowerment and will give you the ‘false impression’ that they have the ability to make decisions.

3. Trust

Finally, the trust. If you are dealing with a leader that is secure in their position, you will feel like they trust you. An insecure leader will step back and try to carry out the mission like they are responsible instead of trusting you to do it. They will keep a close eye on you.

Now that you know some of the differences, which would you prefer to work under?

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