Amazon Has Registered Cryptocurrency Domains

Amazon Has Registered Cryptocurrency Domains

According to various records over the web, it is presently known that Amazon, the e-commerce goliath, has enlisted 3 web domains which are related with digital currency. This has brought about hypotheses that the company may have plans to enter this market space. It might, however, be noticed that currently no one is clear about the fundamental reason and use of the recent domain names by Amazon.

The three domain names that were registered on October 31 by the web-based business company are ‘‘,’ ‘,’ and ‘’ The data gave on the enrollment documents, for example, the telephone numbers, etc, have a place with the legal department of Amazon. However, no illustrative from the legitimate office has put forth any statements to the press about this registration, so far.

The recently registered web domains are associated with a auxiliary company of, Inc., specifically, Amazon Technologies, Inc. Previously, this auxiliary has for the most part been included with filings of licenses by the parent company. The subsidiary company is headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil and represents considerable authority in computer, software systems, and logistics; conducting techno-monetary and environmental feasibility studies; and securing engineering works and activities.

DomainNameWire, the exchange and industry news site, was the principal publication to provide details regarding these new registrations by Amazon.

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