How to Make Hard Decisions Faster …

How to Make Hard Decisions Faster …

It can be hard to focus in on the decisions that you need to make every single day. There are lots of things that are competing for your attention, and it can be difficult to focus in and hone down on a decision. If this sounds just like you, if this sounds familiar, don’t worry, there are ways that you can start to sit down and tease out a decision quite easily. Take a look below!

1. Write a pro/con list

When you are coming to a decision on something hard, and the fallout of it can be difficult for a lot of people, why not decide what the best route is by writing out a pro/con list. This will help you see what the pros are, what the cons are in black and white.

2. List out the priorities

Have to choose something can be difficult, especially if you are the only, primary decision maker. Listing out all of the priorities is going to help make that decision, especially if it is about work and family. Seeing family at the top of the list can be humbling, especially if you are struggling with work-life balance.

3. Set a hard deadline for yourself

Finally, you can’t take forever to make the decision. You have to make sure that whatever the decision is that you are trying to make, you set a hard deadline for yourself and stick to it. Without a hard deadline, you are going to have a lot hanging over your head.

Now that you’ve finally got a plan, how are you going to make that decision?

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