Reasons Why Sellers Should Start Accepting Bitcoin Now

Reasons Why Sellers Should Start Accepting Bitcoin Now

If you are still sketchy about having business in Bicoin or you experienced some kind of hysteria on the the heals of the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s current warning cautioning on the topic, we suggests you reevaluate.

Here are top 3 reasons vendors should begin accepting the virtual currency now:

1. Low transaction costs. For every exchange costs for accepting Bitcoin are significantly lower than those charged for debit and credit card purchases. This is the most compelling reason why small business owners are locking onto Bitcoin payments.

2. Fraud avoidance. Since individuals can pay companies in Bitcoin without unveiling personally identifiable data (names, billing addresses, phone number and so on.), they enjoy a level of fraud protection that credit cards can’t offer.

3. No chargebacks. Bitcoin purchases are final, so there are no chargebacks and chargebacks, similar to those overflowing in credit card dealings, yet another path executing in the virtual currency saves sellers money.

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