Disagreeing at Work is Okay…

Disagreeing at Work is Okay…

When you are the new person or even the person that everyone turns to for advice, it can be difficult to disagree with people at work. This is a challenge that a lot of workers face as they do not like conflict and they do not want to ‘rock the boat.’ If you are one of these people and you are finding that you don’t know when to agree or disagree, don’t worry, below, I’ve got some of the best ways to let you know; it is okay to disagree at work.

1. Take a Stand

The first thing that you need to do is adopt a position and stick to it. Just because someone says that you shouldn’t do something a certain way or that something should be a certain way, you have an opinion and a way of working. Disagree! People will respect you more if you disagree with being a push-over.

2. Be Civil and Professional

Just because you are in the middle of a disagreement does not mean that you need to be unprofessional. In fact, if you use tact and you are diplomatic, you will find that you will earn more respect and even command the room more if you disagree with your boss or your counterparts. The important key about this to remember, you have to be civil, and you have to be professional during a disagreement.

3. Don’t Back Down

Finally, even if whoever you are disagreeing with keeps egging you on and trying to convince you that their way is right, it is your job not to back down. You have an opinion, you have a brain, and you have a way of life. Don’t back down, just because they are pushing back on you.

Now that you can see exactly what will happen if you disagree, what is your next move? Tell me!

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