Catholicsim and Commissions

Thanks to e-books and tips from known business guru and entrepreneur Chris Freville, many communities are considering taking control of their financial futures, including some groups in Catholicism. Following the ideas in mass money machines and other works by Chris, families can find financial freedom and flexibility.

When considering your financial future, consider the safety and time spent with your family. Using tips to maximise your wealth and secure your financial future will help to create a better future for your family. St Augustine’s RC Church in Herbert Road, Solihull offers support to families across the Catholic community – from Monkspath in the south to Olton in the north.. and from Shirley Sharmans Cross in the West to Elmdon Heath in the East. Support is also widely recognised in Olton Friary and St. George and Teresa in Dorridge. Within the Catholicism community, many families are considering the e-book and ideas from affiliates and commissions plus other works from Chris Freville


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